As a Pranavayu Certified Yoga Instructor, I have combined the basic principles of the practice - skeletal positioning, logical sequencing and guided meditation, with my love for music and overall fitness and created classes that are dynamic and high energy with creative transitions and an emphasis on increasing endurance, strength and flexibility.

All of my Yoga classes start with a breathing exercise and end with a guided meditation to help you leave the class balanced, centered and with a clear mind. Classes are open to all levels and modifications and adjustments are provided in an effort to meet the student’s level and/or to avoid/manage injuries. My passion for music is reflected in every class so come ready to hear some cool rhythms and tunes.


Types of Classes

Power Flow

A slower paced Yoga class perfect for beginners as well as more experienced students who wish to strengthen the foundation of their practice. This class focuses on a unique sequence designed to make it easier to develop full body strength and flexibility. 

Hip-Hop Power Yoga

A high energy and dynamic Vinyasa style Yoga class featuring mainly standing poses and creative transitions to a rocking play list of Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggaeton, and other genres of music from around the world. Designed for students of all levels who want to experience the benefits of a Yoga class that focuses on building strength, increasing flexibility and improving balance all while moving to a fun playlist. Class moves at a moderate pace so be prepared to sweat!


I love the high energy of the music, which helped me pour out more power to do the harder poses. The class is exciting, energizing and lively.
— Remi F., Boston MA

Private sessions

Whether you are new to Yoga, want to deepen your practice, are working with an injury, or simply don’t have the time to make it to a class, a private session is a great way to meet your needs and to help determine your level of comfort before joining a class while also ensuring that the foundation of the pose is solid and correctly aligned. 

Most Popular!

Boot Camp Yoga

A class guaranteed to raise your heart rate, define your muscles and burn a ton of calories by combining the basic Yoga principles with light weights, double and triple Chaturangas and creative challenging transitions. Class is open to all fitness levels.

Dude Yoga

This class is designed to address the issues that affect most males. Tight hamstrings, calves and quads are the primary focus as well as shoulders and lower backs. Dudettes with similar afflictions are welcome to attend.

  • I am a male in my mid 30's and never really thought yoga was for me. My workouts were primarily strength training and running and I had an office job where I spent a lot of time sitting. I had practiced Yoga here and there, but never really committed to practicing Yoga until I met Monica. Monica understands the body. She is hands on and her classes are fun and quite a work out! As a beginner I felt comfortable going at my own pace but knew several experienced yogis that enjoyed her class. My body and mind felt energized, relaxed and comfortable after taking her classes. I would still be taking her classes if I lived in the area!
    — Jarrid C., Scituate MA
  • Monica's classes are my first true Yoga experience as before taking her classes I was practicing on my own with videos and other audio visuals. I really enjoy her classes from the very first time. Classes are always taught as they should be. I take Monica's classes every Sunday and I feel as though my Sunday goes on slow motion. I feel very relaxed but also very strong. I find Monica's classes to be motivating, challenging, and relaxing. She is a welcoming teacher, lots of nice people come to her classes and I find the class to be quite progressive.
    — Patricia P., Boston MA
  • I had taken several Yoga classes before taking Monica's and I find that other classes seem very repetitive and stick to one style. Monica's class expands your knowledge as we learn different styles and poses. It's so exciting, you never know what to expect! I have improved tremendously since I started taking her classes; my stretching has gotten better; I can touch my toes in some angles I could not in the past. My upper body strength and my balance have improved as well. Her classes are engaging, relaxing and a true work out! I also love her music and her adjustments are just right. Her class is great for experienced Yogis and newcomers alike!
    — Megan O., Medford MA

Favorite Poses

These are just a few of my favorite poses that help me stretch my super tight hip flexors, open my back and calm my busy mind.

Baby Camel Pose

Come to a kneeling position and place your hips directly above your knees. Your shoulders should be above your hips. Press your knees firmly against your mat and place your hands at your hips. With a deep inhale bring your right arm behind you and lightly grab your right heel. Continue to press your hips forward and the knees against your mat. Hold for 5 full inhales and exhales. Repeat on the other side.

Full Camel

Come to a kneeling position and place your hips directly above your knees. Your shoulders should be above your hips. Press your knees against your mat and place your hands at your hips. With a deep inhale, gently press your hips forward and slide you belly towards your chest and press the crown of he head back. Hold for 5 full inhales and exhales.


Meditation is a powerful tool. It does not require any special equipment or clothing so it can be practiced anywhere. Start by coming to a seated position. If comfortable for you, cross your legs in front of you and place your right hand on your right knee and left hand on left knee. You may also place right hand on top of left hand with your thumbs lightly touching. Close your eyes and bring all of your awareness to the sound of your breathing. Let your breath be completely natural and pay close attention to your exhales. Try to remain in this state for 10 full exhales at first, then add more as you get more comfortable. When the mind wonders, go back and start at 1. Practice daily for better results.