Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!

Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly said it best! I totally get the irony of her statement. There is no surprise that floral prints are always expected to be the norm for the Spring Collection. Truly, there is simply nothing more liberating than wearing a light, flowy floral dress after a long and very cold winter in which we were subjected to wear pants at all times!

The 2018 Spring /Summer wardrobe is no exception to the rule. Having had the front row and the opportunity to work backstage in many shows during London Fashion Week, I can attest that florals are in fact mandatory this Spring along with shoes and accessories in bold colors.  

To make your life a little easier, I have created a list of MUST HAVE items to help you create a fantastic spring/summer wardrobe. 

Let’s start with the most important of all items; shoes! If you tend to wear dark or plain clothing, adding a bright pair of shoes is a fantastic way to introduce some colors into your wardrobe. Yellow shoes were all the rave at London Fashion Week and they are my number 1 MUST HAVE item on my list.

Now let’s move on to the number 2 MUST HAVE and probably one of most important items you must have this Spring/Summer; the perfect handbag. Whether you chose to go for the practicality of a  belt bag or a crossover bag that allows you to carry the essentials, phone, credit cards, and a lipstick or a bag that allows you to carry that extra pair of shoes, your umbrella and your computer, chose one ( or two!) that will work with most of your outfits as well as your body type.


Number 3 MUST HAVE item season? Bold accessories! I am a huge fun of having bold accessories. I believe that they are not only a great way to compliment your outfits, they also say a lot about who we are and how much risks are we willing to take in life. Do keep in mind that wearing one big accessory may be all you need so choose the one you think you will wear most and/or switch them depending on your outfits and mood. 

Number 4 MUST HAVE on my list is of course, a flowery item for your wardrobe.  Whether you choose to go for that much anticipated spring floral dress, or if you prefer to limit your love for florals to only one item, choosing either one of these pieces will add the right amount of florals and colors to your wardrobe and with enough creativity you can wear them into the fall. 

And my number 5 in my MUST HAVE Spring list, is of course; a floral fragrance. I am one avid perfume collector and I feel I posses an array of fragrances that best represent my personality and temperament. Amber, musk, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood are some of my favorite notes. Some of these notes can be a bit much in the warm, hot and sticky months so last spring I decided to look for that perfect fragrance to add to my collection. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved some of the floral fragrances and how well they work on my skin, not to mention, my mood.