Fashion Forward; London Fashion Week and the 2 items you must have!

I was lucky to have worked backstage at London Fashion Week once again this season. A privilege that still makes me pinch myself over a thousand times! I spent so many years of my professional life in the wrong job that now that I actually do what I love, I feel as if I were part of a magical dream every time I get to participate in these shows. And this season I got to see and experience some of the most amazing collections for Spring & Summer 2019.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Am I really talking about Spring/Summer ’19 when Fall has barely just arrived? Well, in the Fashion world we are always thinking and planning ahead, so let this post be an opportunity for you to be ready for what it’s going to be a season full of innovative design, color and fun prints. And while for most people the shoes at a fashion show are an afterthought, for me, they are probably the highlight, so this post is mainly about them.

Many of the designers this year complemented their collections with sneakers, or trainers as my U.K. friends call them, making fashion accessible to many who dislike the structure of a heel or who simply love the comfort and understatement of the white sneaker. Check out some of my favorite looks by Designer Cassey Gan in the pictures below. She is an Engineer turned Fashion Designer who has a passion for comfortable, colorful and asymmetrical womenswear; a trend that complements many female shapes. I felt a surge of instant energy watching her colorful looks on the runway. It was truly a vibrant and electrifying show!

This season I had the privilege to work with Huishan Zhang for the first time. I worked directly with him and his team leading a group of 20+ stylists and dressers backstage. It was hard work, I am not gong to lie, but it was truly phenomenal and a transformative experience for me in some many levels. Huishan Zhang is a Chinese-born and Dior haute-couture trained designer who has been making waves in the fashion industry since before he graduated from the BA fashion course at Central Saint Martins in London. He showcased a classic and elegant collection full of intricate designs. His clothes appeal to those who both, love bold colors and prints, as well as to those who prefer the subtlety of solid pastels colors and muted shades. Feathers, pearls and other precious stones adorned his looks, making his collection classic and feminine. My utmost favorite accessory of this show were the silk bows. Tying those belts into a perfect bow was no easy task but let’s just say that when I tie a bow now, it does not look like an ordinary one.

The shoes for his collection were designed by Christian Louboutin. As you can see in the pictures below they are absolutely stunning. As I heard from the models they were also extremely uncomfortable. Luckily the gel pads helped quite a bit so if you have a pair of shoes that you love and can’t wear, give those gel pads a try. We used the ones from Primark but I know there are a ton more out there.

Despite my love for high heels, this was one of my favorite looks of the evening.

Despite my love for high heels, this was one of my favorite looks of the evening.

This season, once again, I had the pleasure of working with one of the most beloved designers in the UK; Paul Costelloe. An Irish born designer who has built an empire in the U.K. with magnificent womenswear, menswear and home collections. Everyone in his team is as lovely as he is and as you can see in the below pictures, we had some good times backstage.

His collection was marked by beautifully made dresses in bright blue, pink, orange & green among other stunning colors. Giant handbags, also his design, adorned the hands of the models next to asymmetrical gold rings and bracelets. And as you can see in the picture below, all the looks were shown with white booties. I was obsessed with them the moment I saw them so naturally I had to find out all about them. Turns out, they are from Aldo and you can add these gorgeous beauties to your wardrobe today! I just picked up mine at my local Aldo and so far I find them very comfortable. Check out my Instagram stories to get some outfit inspiration with these beauties.

Check out the entire collection here.

Backstage at the Paul Costelloe show. Don’t you just love those booties??

Backstage at the Paul Costelloe show. Don’t you just love those booties??

I am sure you are now wondering whether you can actually wear white booties now that the Fall has just begun? And the answer is a big resounding YES! Absolutely you can. Bear in mind that the weather may affect your decision. But if it is dry outside and you have the right outfit to pair those booties, which by the way they go with a ton of stuff, dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, leather pants etc., then by all means do wear them and be proud to be fashion forward.

And if heels are not your thing, go with a pair of sneakers. I love these from Aldo. Kurt Geiger, one of my favorite U.K. shoe designers, now found in the USA at Lord & Taylor, has some fantastic and affordable designs as well.

Last but definitely not least, I was lucky this season to support a great show Her Runway. A collection of 9 female designers from around the world presented in one place. Check out the video on their website and be prepared to be amazed by some of these very unique creations.

As you can see, there are so many beautiful looks coming out for Spring/Summer 19 and many can be worn now with the fall just starting. So grab your white booties or your sneakers and start adding them to your looks. And stay tuned here for more tips and/or on my social media and watch tips on how to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe.

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