wear or not to wear...

If you are like millions of people who opt to wear black over other colors, mainly for safety reasons, e.i., it's an easy choice, keeps the light out and covers what we see as imperfections, you may be surprised to learn that very few people can actually wear black without ageing themselves.

Yes, the color black is classic and elegant, but is also a safe choice and one that we too often seek. Culturally and historically, it represents death, mourning and even poverty. However, it also represents power and sophistication. For some of us, it can also have great emotional attachments.

How do I know if I can wear it?

What determines whether or not we can wear black next to our faces is our skin tones and personality traits. They help us determine whether we have a Warm or a Cool skin tone. Warmer skin tones are known as Springs & Autumns, and they should stay away from wearing black next to their face as it will create flaws on the face thus prompting the wearer to look older.

Cooler skin tones, like Winters, are safer wearing black next to their faces. Summers, while also considered cool skin toned, cannot wear black next to the face without ageing themselves.

Take the test

Find a place in your home near a window, to take advantage of natural light. Sit in front of a mirror, one large enough to see yourself from the waist up. Wear a plain top or tank tap, or better yet, wrap a towel from the chest down so you can see your skin clearly from the chest up. Remove all make up and jewelry. If you wear glasses, keep them on so you see clearly. Drape a large black cloth across your chest and very close to your face. Very carefully look for color changes in your skin, particularly on your chin and under the eyes. If you have any wrinkles, especially around your eyes and mouth, pay close attention and see if they look deeper. Finally, if you color your hair, look at the roots. Do they stand out or look darker? If you answer yes to any, some or all of these questions chances that black is not a flattering color for you.

So what now?

No need to throw all your black clothes in the trash (though if they are old or you no longer wear them, by all means discard, donate or sell them). Instead, if you are a female, add colorful scarves and necklaces to brighten up your skin. Experiment with some bright colors to wear under your suits or jackets and if your make up tends to be on the darker side as well, experiment with new colors. For males, wearing a colorful tie and shirt to wear with suits will usually do the trick. For a casual look, try shirts in colors other than black and white, add a sports jacket and throw on a scarf.

If you are not sure whether black suits you, when going shopping, buy black clothes in V or rounded necks to keep the color away from your face.

Wearing the right colors can make a difference not only on your wardrobe but also in your life. To find your true colors, contact me and I will be happy to help.

Stay well, happy & fabulous!




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