Wearing the right colors will change your life! discover yours today!

Wearing the right colors will change your life! discover yours today!

There are many factors that help us determine the way in which we look. Our upbringing, our lifestyle, what we do for work & fun and of course, our perception of our bodies.

Most of us have had an idea of how we are supposed to look from a very young age and when we fail to meet those expectations - we feel miserable. Constantly fighting to try and fit into a size that simply was not made for our body type only makes matters worse.

Not many retailers and designers care about our feelings. Their role is to create beautiful clothes and accessories to fit certain body types. The fact that sizes are not consistent from season to season and from one designer to another, just makes the whole process even more confusing not to mention, painful. A Style Consultation with me allows you to discover the colors, shapes and sizes that will fit you best while saving you the time and frustration of trying on outfits that will not work for you. Updating your wardrobe improves your confidence and self-esteem which in turn, encourages you to lead a healthier lifestyle.


My Services

Complimentary 30- minute consultation

We will set up a time to discuss in-person or over the phone. You can tell me a little bit about yourself, what your biggest challenges are and what your ideal wardrobe will look like. I will ask a few questions about yourself, your current style, what you do for a living, places you shop and what your budget may be. We can decide what service will fit you best. You can choose one, all or a combination of the any of these services. To learn more about how I think about style check out my blog or follow me on Instagram @glamorousyogi


Power Wardrobe Edit

Knowing what colors, shapes & sizes fit you best will make it easier for you to shop

Knowing what colors, shapes & sizes fit you best will make it easier for you to shop

  • The process starts with you sharing a picture with of your current wardrobe (s) along with a short, written description of how you want to feel when you get dressed in the morning, how you want to look like and how you want the people in your life to perceive you.

  • I will help you determine the colors that best suit your skin tone and personality and the type of clothing that complements and enhances your body through a Professional Color Assessment & Body Shape Analysis.

  • You will try on your clothes to help determine whether your current wardrobe complements your body type and meets the expectations on your list.

  • The clothes that no longer work for you will be donated to a charity of your choice, sold and/or given away to anyone you choose. If there are any items in your wardrobe that can be tailored, we will make an appointment with a professional tailor


Personal Shopping Experience

I will pre-shop for you making the process seamless & easy

I will pre-shop for you making the process seamless & easy

We start by determining what you need to complete your wardrobe and what your ideal budget is. I will pre-shop for you. Later, we will meet you at one of our designated stores with several options for you. We will focus on what’s most important; fit, color, price and type of occasion for which you are dressing.

Over the course of a 3-4 hour appointment I will help you find the outfits that you need to suit your current lifestyle and personality. I will also provide you with a written list of recommendations for shopping on your own if you prefer not to be accompanied on future shopping trips.

Clothes don’t always fit everyone right off the rack. Our goal is to find a wardrobe that works for you. This means that often times clothes may have to be tailored to your body. Many stores and boutiques provide this service for a small fee or I will accompany you to the tailor to ensure that your clothes fit you perfectly.

         Bride & Bridal Parties

  • Congratulations on your engagement! The most important thing next to finding the right person to share your life is actually finding the perfect dress, and lets not forget the shoes, to wear on your special day. Bridal shopping is an overwhelming task! With my help, we will start the process by meeting to discuss the theme of your wedding, the time of the year in which your wedding is taking place, the location and most importantly, how do you see yourself on your special day. You will also receive a Personal Style Consultation to help us determine what works best for you.

  • I will select dresses that meet your criteria and that truly represent your style. Once we meet at the boutique (s) that I have selected for you, you will only try on the dresses that represent you and your wedding, preventing you from wasting time trying dresses that are not for you.

  • As your Stylist, I will help you select the color and shape that will work best for your bridal party. You, your Maid of Honor and your bridesmaids will share an amazing and bonding experience discovering the looks that work best for your special day.

                                                        Group Styling

  • This is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your bestie, mom, sister or pretty much anyone in your life who wants to share such a transformative experience.

Hair & Makeup


There is no reason to be unhappy with your hair and make-up routine. We will make an appointment to consult with some of the best hair and cosmetics professionals in the city of Boston. I will be with you through every step of the process, to support you and to ensure that your voice is always heard and your wishes respected throughout the process.

Sometimes a small change in technique, color choice, hair style or even our habits can have a dramatic impact on our demeanor and attitude. Change isn't always easy but that is no reason to stay stuck in a rut with your personal style - change is possible and its not something you need to tackle on your own.

Monica is a lifesaver! She helped me go through all my clothes and shoes I owned. Through several sessions, she helped me see what was a good fit for me and what I needed to let go of. She really helped me clear up space in my wardrobe and my home and subsequently in my mind. I felt so much better after I went through this! During our shopping session, I was so surprised to find out I fit into pants of a smaller size than I originally thought. Monica helped me put outfits together that look great on me and most importantly, I feel good in them. I also had so much fun working with Monica during the sessions. She’s creative, kind and most importantly, knowledgeable and well worth the investment!
— Dr. Anna G., Brookline MA

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