My Yoga classes integrate fun, dynamic and challenging poses and transitions while paying special attention to proper form and alignment. As a former marathon runner forced to give up running due to several reconstructive hip surgeries, I design my classes with the mindset of a runner-dynamic and high energy- while living in the body of a Yogi with happy joints. 

I believe that what we wear is not only an extension of our physical and mental health but also a complement to any wellness routine.  I have incorporated style coaching into my method to support you in your mission to be the best possible version of you.  Our clothes tell a story. With my guidance and help, your story will be a true and beautiful representation of who you are.

In-Store Yoga Experiences, the result of my love for Yoga and Style, are fantastic events that allowed me to teach fun classes in non-traditional spaces, such as stores & boutiques, while also allowing my clients to discover their own styles in a supportive and non-threatening environment. As an extra added bonus, my clients get to interact with one another building a strong and supportive network.


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  • Now I love yoga. I never thought I would. I'm a little older than most people starting to learn yoga. Monica is experienced with helping to navigate injuries or stiff joints for those new to yoga or those who have practiced for years. Monica makes the class fun, challenging, energizing and its wonderful for reducing stress. In just a few short weeks, I feel stronger and more flexible with better balance so now I look forward to yoga with Monica at least once a week.
    — Jane L Grady | Vice President, Human Resources and Ethics, United Way of Massachusetts Bay, Inc.
  • Monica's classes are fun. I like that her instructions are clear and she focuses on form. Her classes are also informative and rejuvenating. I love having her as an instructor because I learned about my body and yoga. As an intermediate yoga practitioner, I felt that even with the basic poses, I was able to learn new details.
    — Marjorie N., Boston MA
  • Monica's instructions are excellent. She provides modifications for injured parts and also encourages students to challenge themselves. She also assists everyone in the class, regardless of level of expertise. While her classes can be slow paced to allow all levels to participate, she gives enough options so you can take your practice to the next level. Her classes are welcoming to all, I feel a great sense of balance and calmness.
    — Jillian A., Boston MA
  • I was a newcomer to yoga and intimidated by the studios and mat carrying masses that I would see move toward a studio. Monica is great--not only does she come to our work place--she worked with us newbies and those who can twist like a pretzel. Truly--the classes are excellent ! So much so that a colleague and I signed up for private sessions--and that was it. I am hooked and now crave it. I have lower back and hip issues and I feel so much better! Thank you Monica!
    — Maria T., Boston MA