Hi! I am Monica, a Yoga Instructor and a Personal Stylist. I created The Monica Method, a wellness concept that is guaranteed to help you change your body and clear your mind through the power of Yoga and Meditation. Our inner happiness must be reflected on the outside so I incorporate bespoke style into my method to help you look and feel your very best.



My classes integrate flowing power/vinyasa yoga poses with an upbeat playlist in a calm and supportive environment. Classes start with breathing exercises and conclude with a guided meditation that leaves students feeling centered and balanced.

Whether you simply desire to update your clothes, want to look your best for that upcoming special event, or if want a complete make over to reboot your wardrobe, hair and makeup - I can be there to help you every step of the way. 


  • I really enjoyed Monica's class. She has a sensitive and warm approach. She took time to get to know me so that we could work around my injuries. Her classes are fun, challenging & strengthening.
    — Danyel Mousemann, Boston MA
  • I feel so healthy and great after Monica's classes. Her instructions are very good and explaining even small details well. I feel much more flexible, less stiff and very relaxed since I started taking her classes. Her classes are challenging and they inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle.
    — Ken S., Boston MA
  • Monica is a fantastic and fun instructor! I would recommend her classes to anyone. Since I started taking her classes, I feel stronger, much more flexible and muscular. Her classes are enlightening, refreshing and challenging at the same time.
    — Brayton D., Cambridge MA
  • Monica is a kind instructor and she teaches a great Yoga class which is also a great work out! My arms became stronger and my motivation was a lot better when I was taking her classes regularly.
    — Merritt A. New Mexico
  • Monica's classes are fun, challenging and fulfilling. My balance and strength have improved since I have been taking her classes. Her instructions are clear and she takes the time to adjusts he students. She also adds new and challenging poses as her students' progress. I feel that Yoga is life changing!
    — Janet C., Boston MA